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What is Typo Shark?

Many auctions on eBay contain typos in the title of the listing. For example, 'diamond' may be accidentally spelled 'daimond' by the seller. This means that when someone searches for 'diamond', the misspelled 'daimond' will not be shown in the search results. Therefore few bids, if any, are placed on the 'daimond' auction listing.

Typo Shark generates common misspelled variations of a keyword you enter. This allows you to find the hidden 'daimond' listings. Since no one else can find the auction listing using eBay search, you bag yourself a steal!

How does Typo Shark work?

Simply search for a keyword and follow the link below the search box to dive into deals on eBay!

Typo Shark generates common typos:

  • Keys typed twice
  • Keys omitted
  • Swapped Keys
  • Key next to correct key hit
  • Key next to correct key and correct key hit